My Slack Emoji

Everybody Deserves Their Own Slack logo Emoji

Turning Your Team Photos Into Slack logo Emoji Has Never Been Easier



Your team photos.

In any image format.


Processed in 48 hours.

Just $0.99 each.

My Slack Emoji demo


In your Slack.

Let the fun begin.

Emoji are more fun

Use case 1

Why refer to your friends with their name when you can use their custom emoji?

Voting like a boss

Use case 2

Ask your team a question and let them react with their own emoji. Run quick surveys within seconds!

custom emoji created

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We're busy working on My Slack Emoji v2.0!

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That's right! We're making your Slack emoji move. You'll be able to upload your images, pick your desired animation and we'll take care of the rest.

While we work on the final touches, please submit your email below and we'll send you a quick note when it's live.


  • Stupid and pointless. We need this.

  • But shit it was 99 cents!



No file uploads?
No, let's keep it simple. Place your team photos in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and submit the (public) link to this folder together with your order. We'll take care of the rest!
How do I receive my emoji?
You will receive an email with a link to a Dropbox folder containing your emoji. The images are PNG with transparent background.
How do I upload my emoji to my team's Slack?
Once you have your emoji images ready, it's a piece of cake! If you provide me with access to your team's Slack, I'll be happy to set it up for you free of charge.
How fast?
2 days, tops.
But I can do this myself
Sure. But how valuable is your time? Let's say you value your time at $100/hour. And let's assume you're very fast and can do 1 image per minute. Given that your team has 60 people, you can process their images in one hour. However, 60 images would only cost you $59.4 if you let us help. Rather than spending your valuable time, let us save you 40.6%.
But my designer can do this for me
Sure. Please consider the previous point first.
What's your privacy policy?
You can find the whole document here.